Property of our blends

A flavour and an aroma really unmistakable.

Coffee of well-being.

Coffee preserved in a non-toxic pod.

A unique taste.

A persistent, fragrant flavour.

Intense aroma

A real pleasant delight for the palate.

A well-being in the cup

A soft cream that enhances the taste.

9) No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.

Henry Ward Beecher USA Senator

Lolly Coffee in two words

The excellent quality that provides pleasure and well-being.

About us

We believe in a new daily life philosophy, based on the health and physical well-being. For this reason the idea of creating LOLLY COFFEE is born.

The business

The company distributes LOLLY COFFEE in Italy and abroad. The product is designed for those who are looking for a sophisticated taste, an ancient flavour and an intense aroma.

The mission

Offering to our customers a high quality product with selected blends and an accurate manufacturing process. Working LOLLY COFFEE according to the tradition, by maintaining the flavours of the past, this is our main objective.

Days should start with a hug, a kiss, a touch and a coffee, because breakfast must be rich.

Charles M. Schulz

Wizards of aroma.

The taste and the unmistakable aroma encased in a practical pod.

The blend

For coffee lovers the difference between ARABICA and ROBUSTA quality is relevant, starting from the content of oils, sugar and caffeine. For that reason LOLLY COFFEE's blend unites them to create a balance that will delight the palate. The perfect combination creates an intense aroma, a taste of the past and likewise delights the smell, recalling the fragrance that you breathe at home and the good memories of your lives. The LOLLY COFFEE's blend contains only selected coffee, and therefore it makes the product healthy and with a genuine taste. In each pod thousand emotions are concentrated, the Italian artisan tradition, the quality of raw materials and the passion that distinguishes us.

The roasting

For the manufacturing process of coffee a modernized and automated roaster Victoria of 1954 (among the best) is used. Roasting is one of the most important stages of the processing, so in LOLLY COFFEE's blend temperature and time dedicated to this process are expertly combined to enhance the characteristics. The craftsmanship coffee process of LOLLY COFFEE is a guarantee for consumers as the choice of the best blends available on the market allows us to get a high-quality coffee with a sophisticated flavour. The quality of a good coffee can awaken the senses and this is our mission.

The packaging

E.S.E. (acronym of Easy Serving Espresso) is the technology that simplifies the preparation of a good espresso through a few, simple gestures thanks to the use of individual pre-packed dose of 7 grams of ground coffee, pressed and hermetically sealed between two thin layers of filter paper.

The coffee machine

With the machine LOLLYTA SLOT and the purpose to protect the Made in Italy, we have focused on a modern design and high quality materials. Preparing a coffee is a simple gesture, but to make it special you need a noble raw material accompanied by a machine that enhances its characteristics by maintaining the right temperature.

Watch the movie to discover how to install Lollyta

Life is a beautiful and endless journey in search of the perfect cup.

Barbara A. Daniels

The benefits of Lolly Coffee

The benefits related to coffee are many more than you think, including to aid fat burning to produce energy. In coffee there are beneficial substances for our body that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Coffee has an exciting effect on the central nervous system, reduces the sense of fatigue and increases our performances. It also has a stimulating effect on digestion and the bowel movements. Few people know that coffee contains potassium and niacin in good percentage. In small doses, coffee slows down the heart rate; it causes coronary dilatation and bronchodilation, that means it helps manage allergic and asthmatic conditions. It improves psychomotor activity, athletic performance, mood and resistance to sleep and fatigue. It's possible to enjoy these benefits only by dosing the quantity of caffeine that is assumed, there is no need to overdo it and above all to choose products of quality. Recent studies indicate that even the smell of coffee stimulates reactions in our body; the aroma is able to awaken our brain and can provide increased alertness and attention.

I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.

Burt Lancaster

The varieties used

An excellent mix carefully combined of fine blends selected with experience and creativity.


is the oldest and high-quality variety of coffee, originates in Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya. The cultivation outside the original boundaries began in Indonesia at the end of the seventeenth century. It usually grows on the highlands or on the flanks of volcanoes, sometimes up to 2000 m of altitude. For the cultivation cooler areas with temperatures from 15 ° to 25 ° C are chosen. Arabica beans are fairly flat and elongated and measuring 8-12 mm. The taste is delicate and the aroma is fragrant, it is for these characteristics that this quality covers 70% of world production. It's sensitive to diseases and to climatic variations and it is this difficulty of cultivation that brings an increase in prices.


it originates between Uganda and Guinea, it is very adaptable and therefore more economic. The cultivation dates back to the nineteenth century. This variety has a high resistance to disease and also to temperature. Today it grows in tropical Asia and Brazil, up to 700 m. However the highest production is in the West and Central Africa. The beans have a rounded shape and the plant can reach 20 m in height. The caffeine content is greater than Arabica: from 2.5% to 4%. From Robusta you get a more full-bodied coffee, intense and invigorating, but less fragrant and aromatic. It represents 30% of world production and it has a lower cost than Arabica.

The coffee, to be good, must be as black as night, sweet as love and hot as hell.

Michail Bakunin

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